And Then The Rains Came Down…

Ok, so maybe we jinxed it by posting about how little rain we had had this year. We have had 176mm of rain in the last three days. 78mm of that in the last 24 hours, and it’s still raining…
Remember our last post where we bemoaned our dam looking like dam low apr 2016
Well now it looks like
Our rainfall graph, which looked like this.
Now looks like this.

5 thoughts on “And Then The Rains Came Down…

  1. Oh wow, so nice to see your top dam full! How do you record your rain, just by putting the reading of a rain gauge in a spreadsheet or is it an electronic one?

    • At the moment we have a single manual gauge and a spreadsheet that Tim assiduously maintains. We do have a plan to implement a number of automatic gauges at various places on the property.

  2. And further to the “my sister has no grass”, we only got just over 100mm of rain in the same period, which goes a long way to explaining the refugees

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